Introduction to PU
Paradise Umbrella is built by the top operation team in China, the Silicon Valley team in the United States, Mensa members in the United Kingdom, and Singapore. PU is the only circulation certificate in the decentralized construction that the project party does not aim to make money. Project parties assign skills within the community to appropriate roles in PU development. This token is an iconic creation! It is based on the operating philosophy of social charity, wealth management, pension, and PU docking high-quality products. Total circulation: 1 million pieces 40% of the foundation will be locked for three years, and will be released linearly after three years (10% released every month) 10% public offering, price 1u/coin, time 7 days. Expired and unsold parts will be destroyed. 10% private placement, each community pushes private placement to create a consensus crowd. 10% community contribution reward to stimulate market operation. 10% is used for post-technology development such as NFT and mining. 20% technical support for the later issuance of PUNFT, which is a symbol of freedom and a symbol of wealth. 6% of trading transactions (1% is destroyed, 80% of the destroyed issuance will not be destroyed, 2% will be returned to the pool, 1% will be used for community building, and 2% will be used for charity) We have a top operation team and a senior technical team. Let everyone see a stable and gradually rising token.
Six core advantages of PU
PU WhitePaper.pdf
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